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"Ma-ai Space"
Tuesday, 25 May 2010
Chicago Trip
Mood:  happy
  Wow , what a trip.  If people are not familiar with the new organization our Aikido school joined it is the Aikido Association of America (AAA) a branch of Hombu dojo in Japan. There headquarters are in Chicago IL. 

   What a great time I had.  I got there around 9:30am central time and met with Sensei Shereyk said our hello's got changed and began Zen meditation training,  at some point in the 30 minutes of meditation Sensei Toyoda (President of AAA) and the rest of Sensei Shereyks students arived. What a great bunch. Just like being home again. Very comfortable. At 10:30 the fun began Mai ukemi basic then into a break fall then a leap into a roll, then Ushiro Ukemi  the same. I thought this is going to be fun. Then into stretches and some Undo's. 

    Sensei Shereyk started us off with a shihonage waza then another and another and another before I knew it the first hour was up. Then Sensei Toyoda started the last hour with combination wazas one into another and finished with rendori.  Man I have never had two hours just whip by.  The day finished with a nice sit down at a local establishment.. "Deja Brew" where we talked shop exchanged information and had a nice relaxing time. 

All in all What a great group of people. And how lucky we are to have joined such an awesome organization the Aikido Association of America. I am personally looking forward to the next time we can all get together. I made some really good friends.  Thanks to everyone.

Posted by ma-ai at 2:59 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 25 May 2010 3:02 PM EDT
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